Agriframes – Your Solution of Garden Structures, Fruit Cages UK

Agriframes - Your Solution of Garden Structures, Fruit Cages UK

Agriframes – Your Solution of Garden Structures, Fruit Cages UK, Kitchen Gardens. Looking for Beautiful Garden Structures, Fruit Cages UK, Kitchen Gardens?

The world was divided in two groups: whether climate change is real or not real. This debate was on and about in the mid-1980s and is a perennial. During the last decade, the adverse effects of climate change are evident in multiple ways. The climate change phenomenon is affecting almost every aspect within human live and related to human lives.

The global governing bodies, major countries and local or regional organizations are urging people to move towards production with clean energy mechanisms in place. Moreover, plantation and reclaiming forest areas are focused to make up for the greenery lost to modernization and technological advancements. In lieu of this, vast forest areas are reclaimed. Also, home plantation is seeing an upsurge. This makes the environment more supporting to life.

Furthermore, to make your surroundings greener and atmosphere friendlier to life, one ought to take care of the already scarce plantation. Agriframes keep this in view and offer a wide range of agriframes to help the plantations grow healthier and greener. This serves two purposes: one, saving the plantations from unwanted polluters, and second, make your house’s garden look beautiful.

About Agriframes


Set up in 1970, Agriframes have been experts in making polished, great nursery structures for a very long time.

Created in the UK, our scope of curves, pergolas, screens, pillars, and gazebos can sit easily inside any nursery setting. In addition, with unparalleled experience, acquired over 50 years as driving creators of exemplary nursery structures we are specialists in assisting our clients with making their ideal open air space.

A Brand you can trust

The brand is inseparable from sharp and great nursery structures for a long time. National Trust gardens across the UK our standing and legacy makes Agriframes a top choice with garden architects all through the world.

Furthermore, we appreciate incredible faithfulness from our clients – many have been with us from the beginning and prescribe our items to their youngsters and even grandkids.

Garden Inspiration

The plans are enlivened through nurseries, delightful scenes, and engineering encompassing in the South West of England. Agriframes make highlights and highlights for esteemed gardens everywhere in the world. Each Agriframes item is made of the best quality so that a consumer appreciates similar slick plans at home.

Created in the UK, our scope of curves, pergolas, screens, monoliths, and gazebos can sit serenely inside any nursery setting. The appealing cylindrical development of our constructions offers incredible strength and solidness without outwardly overwhelming the planting they are intended to upgrade. The nursery communicates everything!

Hand-tailored in our own workshops

The goods Agriframes produce go through strenuous phases to attain their solid and last form. Agriframes come into existence utilizing the best materials and each is hand-checked before it leaves our workshop. Additionally, the items are continually checked, regularly made better through criticism from clients and the nursery architects working with the company. The house plan and assembling mastery has gained notoriety for greatness in making bespoke and expert constructions.

Agriframes anticipate sharing the following 50 years of excellent nurseries with you!

What does Agriframes offer?

Agriframes sells crafty structures for Gardens, Plant support, Fruit Cages, Netting, and Kitchen Garden Structures. These different structures serve varied purposes. Agriframes offer structures categorized under 5 categories.

Garden Structures

Garden structures form the first category of structures. Under this category, Agriframes offer a variety of architectural frames for the garden. Not only, it gives the plants much-needed protection but also adds beauty to the garden. Moreover, this category includes Garden Arches, Pergolas, Gazebos, Bowers, Porticoes and Arbours, Screens and Border Edging, etc. Let us have a look at these dexterous pieces of art of Agriframes.

Garden Arches

Garden Arches

With more than 50 years of configuration experience, Agriframes curves are handmade in our own studios. Traditionally, structures are made utilizing consolidated steel. These structures then have one-of-a-kind defensive covering to guarantee dependable sturdiness and upheld with a 10-year ensure. Beautiful hand-created garden curve plans incorporate Round Arches, Wall Arches, Gothic Arches, and the sky is the limit from there.



Garden Pergolas work really well when used to draw the eye to a focal point or to act as a walkway from one location to another, perhaps from a formal to informal area, or to a kitchen garden. Our stylish hand-crafted metal pergolas range includes Round Pergolas, Monet Pergolas, Gothic Pergolas, and Wall Pergolas.

All Agriframes garden pergolas come with a 10-year guarantee. Pergolas are made from durable galvanized steel to ensure long-lasting quality.



A Gazebo is an amazing highlight in any nursery and are ideal in the event that you need a make space to engage and unwind. Metal nursery gazebos offer underlying interest as a component by their own doing yet in addition offer the chance to develop lovely climbers for a breathtaking presentation.

Furthermore, smart hand-created garden gazebo plans incorporate Round Gazebos and Gothic Gazebos. All Agriframes garden gazebos accompany a 10-year guarantee.



Initially, intended to give a concealed spot to sit, metal nursery nooks are well known for their primary interest and the chances it gives for developing lovely climbers. Situated in a calm corner of the nursery, a grove can make a quiet retreat and the ideal spot to unwind. The option of sensitive lighting can add one more measurement to your nursery around evening time.

In addition, polished hand-made nursery thicket plans incorporate Round Bowers and Gothic Bowers. All Agriframes garden products are made using tough galvanized steel. Bowers are covered under a 10-year guarantee.

Border Edging

Border Edging

Moreover, Border Edgings are intended to supplement wirework of nursery designs. These structures go about as a beautifying still pragmatic help for tumbling plants. The frameworks function admirably in the kitchen nursery or basically to edge a grass and prevent meandering pets.

Obelisks and Plant Supports

This makes the second category offered by Agriframes. It includes various structures for plan protection and support.



Agriframes pillars arrive in a scope of styles, sizes, and shadings to suit any setting and are the fastest method to add stature and construction to your nursery. Intentionally positioned metal nursery monoliths say something in any outside setting and give plant backing to all climbing plants to make a point of convergence of visual interest lasting through the year. Also, Nursery Obelisks come with a 10-year guarantee, isn’t it amazing?

Garden Trellis

Garden Trellis

Agriframes lattice is the ideal help for developing plants and adds a component to a plain divider.

These give stature for climbing plants to meander aimlessly over for a dazzling presentation when they are in blossom. Our hand-made nursery lattice plans incorporate Gothic, Monet, and Round styles. Agriframes trellis takes its shape from strong steel to guarantee durable quality.

Plant Frames and Supports

Plant Frames and Supports

Agriframes offer Frames and Supports for each kind of plant. Sprinter bean towers and develop through outlines and ever famous and there are utilitarian virus outlines and develop sack underpins. Regardless of whether you are hoping to prop up a posting herbaceous line plant or following marrow, we are certain you will discover something here.

Fruit Cages and Netting

Fruit Cages and Netting comes third on the Agriframes category list. This category also has a lot to offer.

Walk-in Fruit Cages

Walk in Fruit cages

Agriframes offer multiple products to suit your nursery space giving incredible assurance to your harvests. Additionally, Agriframes polished hand-created stroll in organic product confine plans incorporate a starter organic product confine for general home leafy foods development, and an unrivaled organic product confines for further developed reaping needs.

Crop Cages

Crop Cages

Discover our easy-to-assemble crop cages, a lightweight and practical solution to protecting your crops from garden pests. From the beautiful Elegance Crop Cage to our DIY and Mini Crop Cages, we have a variety to suit every garden. Furthermore, these stylish hand-crafted crop cage designs include DIY crop cages and a mini crop cage. Agriframes also offers a range of Fruit Cage accessories to improve your harvesting, including a range of Fruit Cage Netting.

Steel Fruit Cages and Accessories

Steel Fruit Cages and Accessories

Agriframes offers an assortment of natural product confine embellishments including extra entryways, trimmings, and joints for restoring or expanding your current natural product confine.

Moreover, Agriframes Fruit Cages are not difficult to collect and accessible in a scope of excellent styles, remembering extensive Walk-For Fruit Cages and lightweight Crop Cages.

Netting and Fabrics

Netting and Fabrics

Agriframes offer a scope of mesh and textures to suit all landscaper needs. Regardless of whether you need plant security uphold mesh or finishing textures, we sell our items both in set sizes or by the straight meter similarly as you require.

Our tremendous scope of mesh and texture items incorporates Ground Cover, Fruit Cage Netting, Butterfly Netting, Insect Netting, Welded Mesh, Bird Netting, Plastic Mesh, Jute Netting, Wire Net, Rokolene, and Pea and Bean Nets.

Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden

Agriframes Kitchen Garden items offer a wide determination of things ideal for the kitchen or nursery of your home, including our scope of lovely and viable pots and growers. Our appealing Elegance assortment of items incorporates Garden Cloches, pea and bean grower, and Runner Bean Towers. They are down to earth and interesting to the eye.

We additionally have a wide scope of designation fundamentals with garden downy, ground cover garden netting, and different things for fruitful home development.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living features many useful products including garden maintenance tools, Log stores, items for the boot room, tools and accessories and garden tidies.

Pond Covers and Netting

Pond Covers and Netting

Agriframes lake covers are sold in texture and substance. These are extraordinarily planned packs of bespoke sizes to guarantee that even the most one of a kind pool sizes and shapes are cooked for.

Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

LED Solar Garden Lighting is designed to highlight features around your garden. The lights work especially well with Agriframes structures like garden arches, gazebos, pergolas, or Bowers.

Decorating Planters

Decorating Planters

Agriframes brightening growers are a successful simple approach to carry excellence to any garden setting. From making a classy current tone to a traditional exemplary look, our scope of the beautiful grower is ideal for supporting any decision of stylistic layout.

Moreover, these climate-safe items are accessible in variations usually not hurt by cold conditions. They are an ideal enduring venture for all nurseries.

Tool Racks and Storage

Tool Racks and Storage

Keeping a clean nursery isn’t just significant for cultivating purposes yet additionally for the overall wellbeing of you and your family.

Also, Agriframes offers a wide determination of capacity answers for garden upkeep. Look over our helpful assortment of racking stockpiling for all cultivating basics, including instrument racks, stockpiling snares, hose pipe holders and log closes.

Garden Tidy

Garden Tidy

In addition, clearing autumn leaves or keeping weeds under control to stamp out any unwanted regrowth are important to keep a garden neat and tidy all year round. We have a range of bags, kneelers, rakes, and weeders to help do the job.

Refund Policy

Every Agriframes item is intended to be utilitarian and powerful to give genuine worth to our client. Improbably, and most abnormal occasion that you get an item that is flawed or inadmissible. Agriframes ask the customer to return it to us unused inside 21 days. Also, if it’s not too much trouble, write to us to realize what wasn’t right and whether you might want a substitution or a discount. This responsibility not the slightest bit impacts on your legal rights.

Terms and Conditions

At Agriframes we will endeavor to guarantee that the data accessible on our site at any one time is honest and precise. Moreover, we accept no obligation to refresh such data and we can’t ensure that it will be sans flaw. A valiant effort is employed to address blunders and exclusions as fast as practicable subsequent to being informed of them.

Assurance CLAUSE:

Furthermore, the items are insured from the date of procurement against defective materials or workmanship. During this period they will be fixed or, at our alternative, have parts supplanted.

  • The item is received back with proof of the buy date as per the cases technique illustrated beneath;
  • The item is purchased
  • Moreover, the item is not vandalized, abused, malignantly harmed or dealt imprudently.

In addition, the above Guarantee just applies to Agriframes garden structures which have been covered with a polymer defensive layer and doesn’t make a difference to

  • Harm caused through reasonable mileage, nor
  • Corrective harm like rust and breaking.

Limited time CODES

  1. Except if in any case expressed, the beneath conditions apply to all special coupon codes:
  2. The special code is substantial for use on or via telephone to an individual from our client care group
  3. Free conveyance offers are restricted to standard conveyance to UK territory tends to as it were
  4. Rate and rebate offers just apply to the item range(s) indicated and prohibit all conveyance charges
  5. Avoids establishment administration
  6. Restricted to one use for every client

Can’t be utilized related to some other rebate code or advancement, including existing value decreases

We hold the option to drop or alter a limited time special whenever

How to Save on Agriframes Products

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