7 Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights

Dynamic pricing, incognito mode, browser cookies…these are all terms you probably aren’t familiar with, but they are essential to finding an affordable flight when you visit a flight booking website. Here are some tips for finding cheap flights online. 

The process of searching for airfare can be frustrating.

The flights are either too expensive or inconvenient, or you end up with multiple layovers. It is often the most difficult part of planning a vacation or visiting relatives to find a flight.

Finding cheap tickets will save you time and money if you know how to search for them. Getting cheap flights is possible if you follow these tips and tricks.

Flight Saving Tips When Shopping for Prices

When shopping for flights, do not limit yourself to just one or two search engines. A price comparison website is a great way of finding more affordable flights. However, if you need to travel on a budget, there’s a right way to price shop — and a wrong way.

1. Search incognito

Are you aware of how the flight prices you’ve had your eye on seem to increase every few days? For that, you can thank dynamic flight pricing. While part of the reason may be because of natural supply and demand, it can also be because the cookies in your browser follow your every move.

Flight search engines track you and charge you more based on your search history. You are being pushed to purchase the tickets faster by creating a sense of urgency.

If you want to work around this, you can search for flights in Incognito or Private mode in your browser. To open a new Incognito window in Google Chrome or Safari, select Control (or Command on a Mac) + Shift + N on your keyboard. If you are using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, select Control (or Command) + Shift + P.

Your browser’s tracking cookies are automatically cleared when you use an incognito window or private window. Your search history is no longer accessible after you close your browser. This means you can search for cheap flights multiple times and not have the price changed based on your online activity.

2. Flexibility is key. Try to be flexible

By only flying weekends, you will miss out on a great opportunity to save money on flights. Because demand is higher on weekends, airlines raise prices. Weekdays see fewer travelers, so prices drop to lure more customers.

If you’re looking for low-cost flights in the future, try to be flexible about your flight dates. Consider flying on a Tuesday instead of a Sunday if you can.

You can see the best deals by researching flights over several days or a whole month. Saving hundreds of dollars on travel can be achieved by being flexible.

Be flexible with your airports and destinations as well if you want to save on flights. Compare prices across airports in big cities, as they often have multiple airports. If you are flying to New York City, check LaGuardia, Newark, NJ, and JFK airports for the best deal.

European destinations, such as those in the south, are more popular in the summer. Consider flying in spring or fall during off-peak times. Traveling during less popular times can also save you money on hotel and Airbnb stays.

3. Using multiple travel sites to compare prices

The more popular search engines such as Expedia and Kayak are able to pull data from different sources and may have agreements with airlines.

There aren’t all airlines appearing in every search engine, so sticking with your favorite one or two options may leave you out of great savings. Compare the prices of several travel sites (in private or incognito mode) and always keep an eye on the price differences.

4. Travel light

If you travel light, you will save money on flights since many airlines charge for baggage. This means only using a handbag and carry-on. Verify the airline’s policies regarding checked luggage and carry-ons before booking a ticket.

Checked baggage fees can add up if you exceed the weight restrictions, especially if you are traveling in a group. The best way to travel with only a carry-on is to ensure your bag complies with the airline’s requirements.

The airline staff spot-checks the size of carry-on luggage, and you may end up with a checked bag if yours exceeds the limit.

5. Use credit card travel points

Using credit card reward points or miles could allow you to get flights for free. For signing up for a rewards credit card and meeting certain spending requirements, you often receive a welcome bonus.

Upon meeting the requirements within a certain timeframe, you can book free airline flights with your earned points or miles. On points or miles-booked flights, you are still responsible for the airport fees. However, the fees will be minimal.

You can continue to rack up points using the rewards credit card. However, you’ll earn the most points when you open a new reward credit card and qualify for its sign-up bonus.

This is only a good deal if you pay off your credit card balance in full and on time every month. If this is something you struggle with, steer clear of reward cards.

6. Use Coupons Website or cashback apps to double up on savings 

Before you go to make a purchase, you should search for the Coupons & Deals that offers many websites on the internet there are many websites that do and you can save on your flight bookings. You can find many coupons like these on our website too.

Many travel search engines also offer cashback on flights through Rakuten and other sites. With this method, you can get a rebate on your flight without having to handle any additional hassle.

Once you find the flight that fits your budget, you can purchase from Rakuten’s shopping platform (or, if you have the extension, you can use it) to get your ticket. Cashback amounts will be determined by the current online promotions.

7. Book directly

Depending on your route, you might be able to lower your airfare by booking directly with the airline. You should visit the websites of the airlines you’d like to fly or the ones that appear most frequently in your search results. The first step is to find out which airlines have hubs in your city or the cities nearby. 

Enter your travel dates to see if there is a better deal on the airline’s website. There are some airlines that do not appear in search engine results, so search their websites as well.

Finding cheap flights is easier than you think

It’s easy to find the best deals on flights when you’re planning a holiday trip or an anniversary trip. The trick is to be patient and do research to find the best airfare price.

Trying different approaches to finding cheap tickets can be fruitful. Using several search engines and setting up alerts to be notified of discount fares and deals can help you save time and money. This will let you know when you discover a spectacular ticket price that meets your needs.


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